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 General FTRPG Rules

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PostSubject: General FTRPG Rules   Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:31 pm

There will be 11 Solid rules of this RPG. These rules must be followed for better roleplay and that means fun for everyone.

1. Listen to your superiors!
The Number One rule there is! Listen to your superior members/masters as well as the others. They carry a title for a reason. They may sound like they're all that at times, but they're doing that so they can help you.

2. Please read stickies!
If you have an inquiry, please read all the stickied threads before creating a new thread and asking it.

3. Don't god-mode.
This means that you do not have the power to blow up the world and become invincible. This is usually severely dealt with.

4. Respect all the players, regardless.
This also means that you cannot make another character twitch, breathe, shake, shiver, sigh, blink or move without their permission.

5. You can kill PCs
Yes, you can kill other players (but it must be with their consent).

6. No more than one
Roleplayers (You) cannot have more than one character.

7. RP Fight ruling
In any roleplayed fights, if player 1 posts, dealing damage to player 2 without letting him/her react to it, then player 2 can deal the same amount of damage back to player 1.

8. Do not use characters outside Fairy Tail
Any characters, friend or foe, that is not related to the anime Fairy Tail, may not be used without proper clearance. New Monsters/enemies will be released for you to fight when the time comes.

9. NPC ruling

You may not control/roleplay NPCs that are not your own. Proper permission must be attained beforehand if the need arises.

10. Rules Can Change
The moderating team reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and the team's words are final.

This is a Third-Person perspective RP. No First-Person Apps will be accepted.
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General FTRPG Rules
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