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 Ranking Rules

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PostSubject: Ranking Rules   Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:59 pm

1. Do not complain about your rank.
Do not go around the forums and bothering us about your rank. You get what you deserve from that rank. Complaining about it will give us a sign that you do not have the responsibility and maturity to gain a higher rank. You're only helping yourself on becoming looked down on.

2. Posting
Yes, we will know that you're only posting like a mad-man/woman in order to up your rank by the quality of your posts. If you're just saying "Yea I like this." "No definitely not." "Haha, yes so funny" or words that don't even make a sentence, that is considered spam and will result in verbal warnings.

3. Power and Authority
Do not go around the forums bossing around other people like a bully just because you're either an S-Ranked Fairy or S-Ranked Mage. You have no right to tell other members what to do. You may tell them what they SHOULD do while being CONSTRUCTIVE in your saying.

4. Mocking

Mocking someone because of they're low rank is something we highly look down upon. Treat others the way they would treat you; Respect.
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Ranking Rules
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