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 asuna kuro

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PostSubject: asuna kuro   Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:19 am

Asuna kuro

User Information

Account Name: Kuroasuna

Personal Information

Gender: female

Age: 14

Rank/Level: D-rank/ level 1 mage

Hobbies: assassinating people and sports

Other Talents: N/A

:asuna is a cold hearted girl .
she never respect anyone around her and assassinate them instead .
asuna loves to assassinate people that talk bad things about her .
she was alone since she was born and she never realized who is her parent.
when asuna assassinating people , she always give a clue who the killer is .
and asuna always travel around fiore to find a home .
asuna is a loner and evil , also asuna always loves to reading books .
she write a novel about herself and asuna always assassinate people for her sake. asuna always feel that she is alone , so asuna needs a pet .
she found one and that wolf was called natalie .
She has a fondness of taiyaki, which was the first food she ate

Asuna was born in the town of magnolia and she did not know anything about this world.
when she was young she knows that she can use magic.
Asuna was exploring fiore and return but when she was home, her home was missing.
Asuna cried in the corner of the city, and he was found by evil men.
Asuna was raised to be a weapon and a assassin.
she had grown up and did not know anything else about the city magnolia.
she kills the bad guy and continue her life as a assassin.
Asuna always give a hint that the assassin was Asuna
and Asuna does not care about the earth's natural.
Asuna became a emotionless and cold-hearted woman.
The next year, Asuna know of villages filled with good people.
she came to the village and look for the house, she found a black house.
and kill the people who live in that house.
to get food, she always secretly hiding in the shadows and steal food and also kill its owner.
2 years later, she traveled through fiore and looking for guild.
she found phantom lord and register into phantom lord.
she knew it was the right place and Asuna started life as a mage. she killed people at will and in the course of looking for his parents.

Dream Guild: Phantom lord


Physical Information


asuna in school:
Asuna in phantom lord:
asuna in cute clothes:

Asuna in battle:

Height: 145cm

Weight: 45kg

Weapons: sword


Stat Distribution:

Keishu: 7
Mahou Genkai:10
Mahou Haburi: 10

Jewels Owned:0



Mage Type: Body transformation

Element: N/A


Name of spell: iron blade
Rank: D-rank
Range: self
Desciption: Asuna's hair will make a blade in her own hair and hand also stab the enemy
low on defends
the target can move after/before the blade stab it

Name of spell: wing of the assassin
Rank: D-rank
Range: self
Desciption: Asuna will have a wing and fly towards to the enemy
Weakness: Asuna can't use any spells when use this

Name of spell: dragon slay
Range: self
Desciption: Asuna makes a dragon in her hair that can chase the enemy
Asuna can only uses wing of assassin while using this spell

Name of spell: water body
Rank: D-rank
Range: self
Desciption: asuna's body transform into a mermaid.
Asuna can't use any spell while using this spell
RP Sample
asuna was in a guild and looking for a quest.
she take a quest to defeat the good guild .
she and her team begin to do the quest .
asuna defeat a whole guild but can't claimed the reward .
so for payback she assassinate the people around her .
and after got back from the quest , asuna and the other make a party .
the party was amazing and asuna have to clean the party .
it's 12.00 o'clock and asuna still cleaning the party.
so to fast things up asuna use 1 spell and it works the party was clean .
and asuna was happy for the first time and asuna starting to realized that phantom lord is an awesome guild .
asuna trains hard to be a strong mage and to find her parents .
sadly , fairy tail is still a fantastic guild and asuna need to claimed to the top.
next month , the grand magic game is started and asuna join the grand magic games .
this time phantom lord are compete to fight one of the guilds .
it was a survival battle , the time is running up .
and the winner is asuna kuro !! we defeated the guild without emotion or mercy . and so asuna was shouting " your next fairy tail !"
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asuna kuro
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