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 Haltehk Shezzad

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PostSubject: Haltehk Shezzad   Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:10 pm

Haltehk Shezzad

User Information

Account Name: EpicHaltehk

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Age: 19 (57)

Rank/Level: 1/D

Hobbies: Gemology, Fighting, Drinking, Exploring, Reading Fiction Novels and Comics, chasing after girls for dates.

Other Talents: Haltehk is an accomplished cook and is proud of his repertoire of recipes and cullinary skills. He is also a fairly decent racconteur and loves to tell stories and annecdotes, especially ones which begin with "This one time Crystaligor....."

Personality: Haltehk is cool calm and collected however he doesn't come across as cold. He is well meaning, however, sometimes his decisions and intents come across in a way not intended (usually bad). His dedication to any job he takes is beyond reproach, until it conflicts with his moral code at which point he'll drop it and walk away (see the bit about him being "well meaning"). He likes to make friends and socialize, sometimes to a fault (it has been known for him to engage opponents in polite banter mid fight, usually with the thought "If I didn't have to fight this guy, I think we'd be sharing good times in a local tavern.) He is known for getting distracted in the presence of gemstones, even forgetting things such as the mission at hand.

History: In the year 759, an expedition into some previously uncharted territory took place. Amongst the party were two historians and thier year old son. Thier expedition led them into naturally formed crystal caverns, which were at the time, inhabited by a number of very savage and angry vulcans. Unfortunately, the expedition ran afoul of the creatures and were almost all wiped out, except for the infant. Before the infant could be harmed by the Vulcans, the cave's true owner appeared, the Diamond Dragon, Crystaligor, and it slew them.

Taking pity on the infant, the Dragon took it in and raised him as it he were the Dragon's own whelp. Over time the infant grew, and the Dragon began to teach the child Dragon Slayer magic. The child's mastery over the art was evident, mastering all of the techniques the school of magic had to offer.

However, 18 years later on July 7, 777, Crystaligor disappeared, leaving the young wizard without a mentor or a parent. It was around this time that Haltehk was learning the most powerful spell the Diamond Dragon Slayer has; Flawless Diamond Seal. Attemting to practice on a mole which had found it's way into the caverns, Haltehk became distracted and the spell backfired trapping him in time.

He remained frozen in the Diamond for 38 years, until an unknown powerful, magical force shattered the prison, freeing him. He was lost, he was not in his own time, he knew no one, and was still without his greated friend.

He made his way to civilization, moving from town to town looking for someone who might know where Crystaligor had gone, until he finally wound up in a city in Fiore called Magnolia.

Dream Guild: Fairy Tail


Physical Information


Height: 5'2

Weight: 8st 4lbs

Weapons: Fists


Stat Distribution:

Chikara: 10
Keishu: 10
Sokudo: 5
Genki: 10
Mahou Genkai: 10
Mahou Haburi: 10

Jewels Owned: 0



Mage Type: Dragon Slayer (Old Style)

Element: Diamond


Name of spell: Claw of the Diamond Dragon
Rank: D
Range: Melee
Desciption: The Dragon Slayer's fists/feet transform into claws of diamond allowing them to attack thier target with brutal power.
Weakness: As with most melee attacks, this technique's main weakness lies within the opponent being close enough to attack. Also as with all other Diamond Dragon techniques, any sonic based abilities render this school of magic rather useless, and are prone to damaging the transformed part of the Dragon Slayer very heavily.

Name of spell: Scales of the Diamond Dragon
Rank: C
Range: Personal
Desciption: The Dragon Slayer's skin transforms into the skin of a "Diamond Dragon", making him nearly invulnerable to most attacks. In addition, Fire based attacks harden the skin, making it more resilliant and durable.
Weakness: Sonic attacks shatter the skin and cause a fair amount of damage to the Dragon Slayer.

Name of spell: Wingbeat of the Diamond Dragon
Rank: C
Range: Point-Blank Area of Effect (20ft Cone)
Desciption: The Dragon Slayer makes a wingbeat motion with thier arms and a torrent of foot-long diamond shards errupt from them at high speed, spraying into everything in front of the Dragon Slayer dealing a substaintial amount of damage and bypassing most physical defences.
Weakness: Defences made of Diamond have a chance of negating this attacks as do Sonic based counter-attacks and thick physical defences.

Name of spell: Lair of the Diamond Dragon
Rank: B
Range: Area of Effect (Point Blank, 50ft)
Desciption: The Dragon Slayer stomps his foot on the floor and the affected ground errunpts into a field of jagged diamonds of all shapes and sizes. This spell has numerous uses, firstly it allows for a lot of initial damage to anyone in the area, secondly, it allows the Dragon Slayer to become camouflaged and thirdly, The Dragon Slayer is adept at fighting in these conditions and gains a significant advantage.
Weakness: The Dragon Slayer may not eat the diamond produced by the spell to recharge, the field may be used against them as Diamond is effective against Diamond. The field may be destroyed by other diamond weapons and techniques as well as Sonic based techniques.

Name of spell: Roar of the Diamond Dragon
Rank: A
Range: Line of Effect (100ft Long)
Desciption: The Dragon Slayer inhales deeply before exhaling a storm of diamond shards. It is said to be the ultimate technique in a Dragon Slayer's arsenal and few opponents are left to testify otherwise, and those that are, don't.
Weakness: This attack relies on the Dragon Slayer being able to draw a substantial amount of breath and the attack itself is indiscriminate. The attack also leaves the user drained of magical energy or at best on very low reserves.

Name of spell: Secret Dragon Slayer Art: Heaven Piercing Lance of the Diamond Dragon
Rank: S
Range: Very Long (500ft)
Desciption: A lance made of the purest and hardest diamond is expelled from the Dragon Slayer's open hand and propells itself through the opponent. Due to the nature of the spell, more than one lance can be created.
Weakness: All lances must go in the same general direction (though they may go off at different angles of up to 45 degress). The attack is not in the Dragon Slayer's general arsenal and may only be used under extreme circumstances.

Name of spell: Secret Dragon Slayer Art: Flawless Diamond Seal
Rank: S
Range: Single Target, Unlimited Range.
Desciption: This technique is the most powerful of all techniques in the Diamond Dragon school. The Dragon Slayer concentrates on his intended target, no matter where they are. Once the spell is complete, the target is encased in a flawless, ivulnerable, indestructible diamond, which holds them permanently, frozen in time, unable to interact or be interacted with. This technique was developed to contain wizards who were so evil or so dangerous that there is simply no other option for containing them or killing them.
Weakness: If performed wrong, or concentration is broken even for the slightest fraction of an instant, the spell backfires and casts upon the caster, imprisoning them instead.
Haltehk wearinly stumbled into Hargeon's town limits. He was exhausted and had been walking for days on end. He had nothing but the clothes on his back, even his magic was running low and diamonds weren't plentiful. Every inch of him ached and moaned to stop and rest, his body cried out for food and shelter.

He tried to reach out to passers by for help, however, his ragged, filthy and weary appearance turned them away, and in one case had them going to guards to arrest him. The day passed without a single offer of aid, and soon night had fallen. The winter cold mixed with the sea breeze made things worse, still he tried to keep moving, keep looking for help, he had to. His feet were heavy, and each step he took they grew heavier, then as he took a step, it went dark and a stange sensation of inertia came over him followed by a dull pain in his sides.

A proding feeling caused his eyes to open, he wasn't where he last remembered, he slowly sat up and looked around. He was in a dank room with 3 dark walls and one wall was made of bars. Two men in uniform were looking over at him.

"Ex...excuse me, where am I?" Haltehk asked

"You're enjoying the hospitality of Hargeon Prison." replied one of the men in uniform

"How did I get here?" Haltehk questioned again

"Evidently you drunk too much and passed out in the street, so we bought you here so you wouldn't make the streets a mess. This is a respetable town, so we don't need the scum of society messing it up." The other man in uniform replied

"I haven't drunk anything in days. I've been looking for someone." Haltehk explained

"Who in our town would know trash like you?" The first guard jeered

"I'M...NOT...TRASH!" Haltehk yelled

"Look at this one Achedes, quite the temper on him hasn't he?" The second man in uniform said to the first

"I quite agree Solomon, well we should probably let him explain, or at least tell us who he was here looking for." Achedes said mockingly

Haltehk didn't give Solomon a chance to reply.

"I'm not trash, I'm a wizard, and more importantly, I'm the son of Crystaligor, the Diamond dragon. The reason I'm in this trash town was to look for someone who could tell me where he is." Haltehl said angrily, though this time keeping his voice down.

"A wizard, well, we should get you out of here, we just have to send off some paper work and you'll be away from here with people more likely to be able to help you." Achedes said, barely containing a smile.

Days later, Haltehk was begining to regain some of his strength due to the meals provided, not that they were any good. As he lay on the bedrool on the floor, he heard footsteps getting closer. Then they stopped, they were quickly followed by the sound of a throat being cleared. Haltehk sat up and there was an old man looking at him with cold calculating eyes.

"I am Leisman, a liason for the Wizard council, and you have been released into my custody. Apparently you're looking for a dragon, while I don't know much about the...." The main began

"If you don't know anything, move along old man." Haltehk interrupted

"As I was saying if you'll allow me to finish. While I don't know anything in particular about them, there are a few Wizards who might. Your best chance to find one of them is in a town called Magnolia. Ask around the guild Fairy Tail, they'll point you in the right direction....

A smile crossed Haltehk's face, he finally had something to go on.

"Now, aside from a fresh pair of clothes is there anything else you need?" asked Leisman

"Yeah, a big diamond...the food here sucks." Haltehk said
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Haltehk Shezzad
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