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 Venglad, the Posion Man

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PostSubject: Venglad, the Posion Man   Sat May 14, 2011 12:54 am

Name: Venglad Ashtil

Age: 75 (Appears in his 30's)

Race: Posion Golem

Rank: High-A ranked Mage before transformation

Magic: Posion

Appearance: Venglad is a very tall individual, roughly standing 7' 5", sporting a very lean and unhealthy looking body, as his skin is basically vomit green. His facial features seemed to be carved out of clay, as they lack any true emotion, save when he overexatierates his feelings.His eyes are pitch black, as he also wears a helmet upon his head with a single spike upon its top with Chain mail covering the back of his neck.

He sports a large shirt of chainmail with some plate covering his more vital areas, such as his chest and parts of his stomach. Overall, the armor seems very loosely put together and lacking any real grace to it. As well, the protective vest seems to be marred with a greenish tinge, similar to that of Venglad's skin. He wears leather pants but no shoes, since he states his feet are too tough to be pierces by anything anyways.

Venglad also carries a 7 foot haleberd as he weapon of choice, the item being completely made of steel, with the pole wrapped in tanned cow hides. He seems to have no problem lifting this weapon, even with his less than stellar physic.

Personality: Venglad is a very merry fellow, content to sit around and drink his posion all day while gaurding whatever needs gaurded, for the right price of course. He is rarely serious and rarely feels threatened even by high powered mages, as he states that "what he once was is nothing compared to what he is now"

Venglad does however hold a personal hatred towards poison mages and may become on edge or attack senselessly when around them.

History: Venglad was a rising star of a posion mage, having mastered the art to the point he could consume posion without bringing physical harm to himself. His immunity only showed part of his strength as he could make posions on the fly that could go straight through flesh, consume solid stone, and even leave a chicken feather untouched but melt all other objects around it. However, his day as a posion mage came to an end when a Dark Guild Posion Mage, named Maximum Endral, challenged Venglad to a duel.

Venglad, wanting to keep his pride, accepted the duel and lost within 3 minutes do to Maximum using a forbidden type of poison that destroyed one's nervous system. As Venglad lay twitching on the ground, Maximum cursed him to walk the earth with no feeling, only the pain that poison brought.

The curse had a devestating effect, as it transformed Venglad into his current state, a golem of posion. He is unable to feel pain, nor love, nor hate, nor happiness, nor sadiness. He is tied to the world only by a forever thumping in his chest, as his heart screams out against the toture his body goes through.

will post abilities at later date
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Venglad, the Posion Man
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