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 Ryuki (Dragon Sprit)

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PostSubject: Ryuki (Dragon Sprit)   Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:39 pm

Account Name: Ryuki

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Rank/Level: D-Rank/Level 1

Hobbies: Shuffles a deck of playing cards that have the Fairy Tail insignia on the back when he gets board.

Other Talents: None

Personality: : Very Nice and fun to hang out with, but Never hurt his friends or something he cares about. Why? Because he won't hesitate to rip you limb from limb. but other than being very passionate about what he cares about he a great to get along with.

History: When he was little he had accidentally burned his house down. it had happened when he was practicing magic when his parents where out. so feeling guilty he ran away into the forest where he lived alone for 5 years. returning to his village he found it destroyed. in sadness and anger his magic went out of control destroying what was left. after another 2 years of living alone he almost died from a wild wolf pack that had attacked his home in the forest. a dragon that passed by had found him and nursed him back to health. when he awoke he got extremely scared of the dragon and his magic went out of control again. seeing this the dragon used it's magic to erase and manipulate Ryuki's memory making him think that this dragon was his mother. the dragon then trained him in how to use his magic and added some of it's own to the growing child. one day Ryuki woke up to find the the dragon gone. so he headed to a place were he could put his magic to good use. a place that the dragon had told him about once... Fairy Tail.

Dream Guild: Fairy Tail


Physical Information

Appereance: has tan skin, wears a ripped black T-shirt that has the right sleeve missing. Baggy Black cargo pants. has dog tags. has an average build. his medium length black hair always looks like just woke up.. his right eye is covered in a bandage.

Height: 5' 11

Weight:175 pounds
Weapons: Twin Fire Daggers


Stat Distribution: 55/55

Chikara: 10
Keishu: 5
Sokudo: 10
Genki: 10
Mahou Genkai: 10
Mahou Haburi: 10

Jewels Owned: 0



Mage Type: Old-Style Dragon Slayer

Element: Fire (Karyuu)


Name of Spell: Nenshou kobushi kaji shukun(Burning Fist Fire Lord)
Rank: D
Range: Melee. 1 person, lasts until contact with an object.
Description: The fist in incased with a fire. Explodes in a 5 feet radius upon impact.
weakness: if it takes to long to come in contact with an objects the fire goes out.

Name of Spell: Kaji ekusupuro-jon(Fire Explosion)
Rank: D
Range: Melee. 10 meter radius.
Description: Creates a small explosion were the user places their fist.
Weakness: the user must place their hand on something solid.

Name of Spell: Tsuiraku insei danmaku(Crashing meteor barrage)
Rank: C
Range: Support/Melee. a group of up to 10 people
Description: the users fists become warm. just slightly warmer then the rest of their bodies. when every a hit connects it leaves a small scorch mark that is hardly felt by the enemy. on command the marked opponents erupt into a pillar of fire. the more marks on an enemies body the more powerful the pillar is.
Weakness: the maximum number of enemies by default is 10 but can be increased to higher levels.

Name of Spell: Kaji Ryu Hane Hyoushi(Fire Dragon Wing Beat)
Rank: D
Range: Melee. maximum range 5 meters
Description: both of the users fists are covered in fire. they can launch them a maximum of 5 meters to punch the target multiple times. creating small explosions both external and internal.
Weakness: because significant power is lost on each hit, the user is weakened on each connecting hit.

Please tell me is acceptable. and if not what changes need to be made. thank you
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Ryuki (Dragon Sprit)
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