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 Drake Of The Sound

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PostSubject: Drake Of The Sound   Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:40 am

Drake Of The Sound

Account Name: Drake

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Rank/Level: Level 1

Hobbies: Music, Paint, Dance, art in general, relax in a boat in the middle of a lake or a river.

Other Talents: Arts (especially music and poetry) and cooking

Personality: Does not really like violence; would never mind helping someone and ask nothing in return; is always relax, but in some cases he can seem terrifying; never, I say NEVER, say anything bad about his music (if it's not a critic) or his friends!

History: An orphan that was raised by bohemians. He lived his life the way he wanted and with no one to tell him what to do. He made his living by playing music in the streets and, later, used some magic tricks to entertain. One day, when he was 12 years old, his caravan was attacked by a band of thieves. The caravan was destroyed and their money stolen. Some of his friends were injured trying to protect the caravan. So, he decided to go to the nearest guild and ask for help. The next day, the guild accepted the mission and sent a team to take care of the thieves and take back what was stolen. One of the mage passed by him and said: ‘’Do you think we will succeed’’? That one sentence confused him so much that he followed them to the thieves’ hideout. Once there, he saw the same mage use his magic. It was the same as Drake’s. When he came back to his ‘’family’’, he told them what he saw and made a decision. He would become a great mage, just like the one he saw. Five years later, after studying the art of magic, he started his journey to find the same guild that he asked for helped in the past. Fairy Tail!

Dream Guild: Fairy Tail for the win!


Physical Information

Appereance: Quite thin, pale skin, silver long hair with light purple reflection, ocean-blue eyes, long fingered hands.

Height: Around 5’ 5’’

Weight: 135 Lbs

Weapons: N/A

Items: Lyre (since I don't have any weapon, I have putted my lyre in the item slot)


(Please be sure that your stats equal to your Stat Distribution and that you have read the Book of Guidance)

Stat Distribution: 55/55

Mahou Genkai:15
Mahou Haburi:10

Jewels Owned: 0



Mage Type: Illusion/Enchantment

Element: N/A


Name of spell: Serenaadesuimin (sleeping serenade)
Rank: D
Range:1-5 person for 5 min. +
Desciption: By playing a beautifull song, the people targeted by the spell fall asleep for 5 minutes (or more if they are very sleepy to begin with).
Weakness: If the target does not hear the song, the spell does not work.

Name of enchantment: Noshoutaijixyou, entori ganai (no invitation, no entry)
Rank: D
Range: Up to a 10 meters radius
Description: Installing the enchantment takes up to 20 minutes. It's effect is to keep people uninvited in the area out. They can't come in if they don't cancel the enchantment first.
Weakness: It takes a lot of time to activate and if you have basic knowledge on enchants, you should be able to break it.

That's it for now:)!

(Since I bring the enchantments in as well as the illusions, I won't put a lot of spells for now. Plus, the magical energy needed should be quite high since they're big spells to begin with.)

Edit: It should be all finished, but if there are some elements that are missing, just let me know.
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Drake Of The Sound
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