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 Kurosawa Tetsuya

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PostSubject: Kurosawa Tetsuya   Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:46 pm

WILL FINISH UP TOMMOROW! Please admins, take a look at his magic and attacks and tell me if they are approvable.

Kurosawa Tetsuya

User Information

Account Name: Charanari3

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Rank/Level: D

Hobbies: Reading books, fooling around with women, training, playing his guitar.

Other Talents: Mucisian

Personality: Tetsuya is the type of guy who acts a bit unfriendly to everyone. He is also cocky to a great extent, although not without a reason; he won't, for example, act cocky for something he is not good at. He loves fighting and he loves to win; losing is something he detests, thus his obcession for training was born. Sometimes and only in rare times, he will show his kinder side to some people he trusts. Although he acts like a big jerk most of the times, Tetsuya actually cares for his friends and won't stop at nothing if it means to protect them or help them in any way possible.

History: Tetsuya was born to a rich family, having everything a child could ever wish for. However, he wasn't very fond of this lifestyle. Not that he hated money or anything, as he loved spending around and having pretty much everything, but all this young sir stuff was getting on his nerves.

When he reached an age where he could study, his father brought the best teachers to teach the child. Tetsuya proved to be really smart with a really high IQ, but his attitude was the main problem. Most teachers were fed up with him in the first month, only a few lasted two. His father was desperate to find a good teacher AND fix his boy's attitude. Needless to say, he failed.

However, he DID find a good teacher. A mage to boot. Tetsuya found himself attracted to magic, so he settled down a bit. That teacher did not only teach him the usual studies, he also started teaching him magic. Tetsuya became an Adapter, a mage who could use various types of magic. His favorite had to be Holder Magic though.

8 years later, he managed to become a full fledged mage. Although he was still a newbie when it came to magic, he could now take on another mage. Pleased with his training, Tetsuya decided to run away from his home and start his own legend, live his own life with his own terms. He would become so powerful, the whole world would bow to his greatness. That was his plan. He would become an S Rank Mage...No, he would become a perfect SS Rank Mage! Then, he would be recognised, feared and idolized. Tetsuya laughed at this thought, as he was packing his stuff.

Dream Guild: None


Physical Information


Height: 1,80 meters

Weight: 69 kg

Weapons: Bow, Long Dagger


Stat Distribution:

Chikara: 7
Keishu: 7
Sokudo: 18
Genki: 10
Mahou Genkai: 13
Mahou Haburi: 10

Jewels Owned: 0



Mage Type: Adapter (He can use more than one magic at once)



Name of spell: Holder Magic
Rank: D
Range: Close
Desciption: Tetsuya uses his Equip Magic to bring out his bow and arrows, or his long dagger.
Weakness: Tetsuya can't equip and exquip at the same time; he must first exquip his current weapon or armor and then call out another weapon.

Name of spell: Mahou Togata Ya (Magic Sharp Arrow)
Rank: D
Range: Long to Mid
Desciption: Tetsuya binds his bow with magic, thus unleashing a Magic Arrow. It's more powerful and it's faster than an ordinary arrow.
Weakness: The main weakness of this magic is that it needs some to load magic to the bow. Tetsuya needs at least one or two solid minutes to enhance his bow to damaging magic. Another one is that it needs enough speed and acceleration so firing it in close quarters will probably don't do much and it might even damage Tetsuya as well.
RP Sample
Tetsuya stopped packing his stuff to play his beloved guitar.
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Kurosawa Tetsuya
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