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 Greeting´s from Sweden

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PostSubject: Greeting´s from Sweden   Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:18 pm

Hey im a happy-go-lucky guy from sweden who really enjoys roleplaying, having been engaged in pretty much all the greater manga Bleach,One Piece,Naruto,FMA type of sites but now im looking for something different wich shifted my focus to the awesome and very good manga called Fairy Tail.

As i said before im a guy from sweden, im 19 years of age and i am studying to become a police. I read a ton of mangas, the current favorites being Bakuman, Defense Devil and Veritas (the latter two are "Manwhas") and the usual big three Naruto,One Piece,Bleach. Im an avid roleplayer in gaming as well and spends way to much time than i should behind the computer playing Dragonage Origins or In front of the 360 with Mass Effect. PS Bioware Rules!

I have read fairy tail since i first saw chapter one pop up, at first i just tought it was another one piece due to similarities in art (its becuase the authors went to the same school). But after a while the whacky humor and intense action scenes got me hooked, i also loved the story with mages and guilds. And i think it possess alot of potential as a text based roleplaying game.

I see that the create your own magic is done yet so i think i will wait before i create my character. (none of the already existing ones gets me excited, dragonslayer is just too much sometimes. Show more of the lost magic like the "Arc of time" Urtear uses thats interesting magic.) I was thinking of creating something connected to Runes that can be seen on the viking runestones in scandinavia.
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Greeting´s from Sweden
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