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 [Fairy Tail] Recruitment Office

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PostSubject: [Fairy Tail] Recruitment Office   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:31 am

Welcome to Fairy Tail's Recruitment Office!
*Note that only applicants, and the Guild Master and S-Ranks may post here.

Requirements that MUST be met before applying:
Quote :
You must have 20 non-spam posts to be recruited

You must be an active member for at least one week.

You must be an ACCEPTED Mage from FTRPG.

Those who do not meet the requirements above will be instantly denied. Anyone who is denied must wait one week before applying again, unless told otherwise.

Application Form:

[b]Why are you interested in joining the Fairy Tail, and what does being a member of the Guild mean to you?:
[b]What can you offer to Fairy Tail that no one else has?:[/b]

[b]What do you hope to gain from being in Fairy Tail?:[/b]

[b]Are you interested in RP (Roleplaying) in the guild? If so, do you have any RP experience?[/b]

[b]Two RP Samples:[/b]

Also be reminded, we do not want to see things like; "I want to be in Fairy Tail because I like Natsu" or "I'm cool, so accept me." You must have valid reasons why you should be accepted into the guild. Also, the more detail in your application, the better off you'll be. Short applications will seem a bit lazy, and will make it look like you don't really care whether you're accepted or not, so please write your application like you mean it.

Those who are accepted will be ranked accordingly to their RP'ing skills.

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[Fairy Tail] Recruitment Office
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