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 Mysterious Eggs

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PostSubject: Mysterious Eggs   Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:44 pm

These eggs will hatch into the animal of the handler's desire.
Item Purchase Form:
Item + Price: (Item wishing to buy, and price of item.)
Quantity: (Number of said item.)
Description for Eggs: (Description of the egg, or what it will hatch into)

Current Balance: (Current amount of Jewels.)
Balance after Purchase: (Amount of Jewels after purchase.)

Small Egg - Small creature that is useful for assistance. Ten posts before hatching. 13,000 Jewels
Medium Egg - Medium creature that is of greater assistance, and able to fight only slightly. Twenty posts before hatching. 20,000 Jewels
Large Egg - Large creature that is of much assistance in and out of battle. Thirty posts before hatching. 31,000 Jewels

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Mysterious Eggs
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