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 About Rankings

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PostSubject: About Rankings   Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:16 am

Guild Ranks:
Each guild has their own specific and unique way of ranking. However, the rankings S-D are the most commonly used in every guild. The higher the letter, the more responsibility is weighted on their shoulders.

Guild Masters
Each guild is led by a Guild Master who are within the Magic Council. They are very powerful in magic guilds so they can keep their members in line. Even a few are considered to be part of "The Ten Wizard Saints." All Guild Masters are looked up upon as serious and cold leaders, but in actuality they can be humorous and have emotions most of the time. They are responsible for everything that goes on within the guild and everything about the guild itself. Rankings, recruitment, event planning, etc. goes through the Master of the guild and they make the judgment as to what suits best. A Master for a guild is chosen by people, not only within the guild itself but by the general public as well. Those chosen Masters are seen as the person best suited to lead a Guild.

S-Rank Mages:
S-Rank Mages are considered second in terms of power level of a Guild Master and are considered the right hand of the Guild Master. They work side by side with each other and discuss everything in the guild. An S-Ranks responsibilities are the same as the Master's in regards to being responsible for everything that goes on within the division as well. In the event the Master is unable to be present, the S-Ranks take the role until the Master is able to return. S-Ranks are chosen by the general public, the division itself at times, and also and most importantly the Master. The Master of the division gets to chose the people best suited for them to help them lead the Guild.

A-Rank Mages:
The A-Ranks iare the head of the council members, and is the right hand to the S-Ranks and left hand to the guild. Certain things based on guild matters are discussed with the A-Ranks for their input. Unlike the Master or the S-Ranks the A-Ranks do not get the final saying in anything in regards to rankings, recruitment, etc, however thier ideas and input are taken into the maximum consideration. In the event the S-Ranks are not able to be present, the A-Ranks shall take on the role of the S-Ranks until they can come back. A-Ranks supervise everything that goes on and report to the S-Ranks or the Master if they feel the need that something should change. The A-Ranks is chosen by the Master and the S-Ranks and is seen as the person best suited to help out the Master and S-Ranks. A-Ranks tend to be the members spokesperson if they do not feel like directly telling the S-Ranks or Master about an issue.

B-Rank Mages:
The B-Ranks of a division can be seen as the left hand to the S-Ranks. The people chosen for the B-Ranks are very well active and trusted not only by the Master and S-Ranks but also by the guild members as a whole. The B-Ranks give their input in anything, however they do not discuss major things with the Captain or the VC unless they are asked. The B-Ranks help out the most in regards to being the backbone to the division, participates in everything, and can be seen as the most helpful person within the division aside from the A-Ranks, S-Ranks, and Master. B-Ranks and A-Ranks tend to work well together in helping organizing and discussing things, and give ideas of what is best for the guild from what they see. B-Ranks also tend to work side by side with the S-Ranks, and discuss things like events, threads, etc. In more simple terms they are the guild's main people person.

C-Rank Mages

They are the general public of a division, which without a division can not stand strong. They are ranked based on helpfulness around a guild and activity within the guild and other guilds and the forum as a whole. If any problems were to occur, they would make sure to report to those in the higher ranks to find the best way to settle the issue. Those who are C-Ranked have been seen active enough as to be given a rank within the division are members who remain loyal to the division. The higher the rank means the more helpful and active you are and the better you are at rping in regards to sparring or any other thread in particular. Like every other guild member, their ideas will be taken into consideration and their feedback is greatly appreciated.

D-Rank Mages
They are the new members of a guild. In a D-Rank state, you are in a month trial to see what rank would suit you best and how active you are, loyal, and helpful. Those in D-Rank state that are not active will most likely remain a D-Rank until the activity goes up, or get removed from the division if they disappear without warning. Like higher ranked members, recruits also get a saying in anything regarding the division and their input once again is greatly appreciated. Recruits are expected to remain active and if they do, once a month has passed they will be granted a higher rank.

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About Rankings
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