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 Template Information

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PostSubject: Template Information   Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:14 pm

Template Information

User Information

Account Name: Name of your account

Personal Information

Gender: (Is your character Male or Female?)

Age: (How old is your character? We encourage your character to be older than 15 and younger than 60 because it's unrealistic that a 4 yr old and 900 yr old could perform such powerful magic yet alone utilize it)

Rank/Level: Level 1 (Everybody starts out as Level 1 Mage until furthur editing. No exceptions)

Hobbies: (Your character's hobbies. What does your character do in his free time?)

Other Talents: (Other then the usual Mage business, what other careers/talents does your character have? Is he a player of some type of sport? A Chef? Musician? etc etc. If none then simply leave N/A)

Personality: (Your character's personality. Does he get along with others? Is he a giving person? Please be sure to include how your character acts around people, alone, with family, in school, on the battle field or any other similar necessities that you deem is important to add in.)

History: (Your character's history. What made him stand here today? Please be exclusively detailed as this is one of the most important factors in your application. )

Dream Guild: (What is the guild your character has been longing to join? Fairy Tail? Phantom Lord?)


Physical Information

Appereance: (What does your character look like? What's his attire off the battlefield, school, in the guild etc? You may use a picture, but a paragraph would be useful along with it. Make sure to put the picture in a spoiler by inserting the picture link between. Also be sure not to reveal too much skin on your character as we want to keep it appropriate.)
[spoiler][IMG]insert picture link[/IMG][/spoiler]

Height: (How tall is your character? Please keep it between 4'7 to 7'0 ft and write it in CM as well.)

Weight: (How much does your character weigh? Make sure to write it in both lbs and KG. Again, please keep it between 85 - 300 lbs and 38 kg - 136 kg.)

Weapons: (Does your character carry any weapons? PLEASE be sure you have read the Book of Guidance as it states how many slots each rank are allowed to carry. Also, be as detailed as possible when describing the features of your weapons.)

Items: (Again, be sure you have read the Book of Guidance. This should be left "N/A" until further edited and you have gained enough jewels to purchase items at the Fairy Street Market)


(Please be sure that your stats equal to your Stat Distribution and that you have read the Book of Guidance)

Stat Distribution: (Total Stats)

Mahou Genkai:
Mahou Haburi:

Jewels Owned: (This should be set to 0 and will be edited when needed)



Mage Type: ( The type of Mage you are, e.g Dragonslayer, Celestial Spirit...etc)

Element: ( The element of your magic, This mostly applies to dragonslayer. If the type of Mage you are does not apply to this, simply leave "N/A")


(Dragon Slayers may start with 3 D-Ranks and 1 C-Rank Spells.)
(Celestial Spirits may start with 3 Silver Keys and 1 Gold Key)
(Holders may start with 2 weapons and 2 Requip/Exquip )
(Ice Alchemy may start with 3 D-Ranks and 1 C-Rank Spells)
(Transform may start with 3 D-Rank limbs and 1 D-Rank full body take over)

(Unlike other RPG forums, instead of listing out a bunch of techniques, we allow you to be creative and create your own techniques! So let your imagination loose here!)

  • Name of spell: (What is your name of your spell)
    Rank: (Rank of your spell. Your Rank determines the damage of the spell)
    Range:( Meele, Range, Supportive, Transform? If Range, show how far it can attack.)
    Desciption:(Describe how your spell works, do you use any chants or such? How does it (or yourself) attack your enemy? Must be described in 1 Paragraph)
    Weakness: (What is the weakness of your Spell?)

RP Sample: This is a 1,000 words (or more) essay that relates to your character in some way... could be a day with your family; or a day in the life of the Fiore area in which you resided. Basically about anything except any relations to fighting an enemy. This is to assess your writing skills beforehand.
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Template Information
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