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 Volume V. Magic Usage

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PostSubject: Volume V. Magic Usage   Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:15 am

Mages use a large variety of Spells. They range from D-Rank being the weakest and S-Rank being the strongest. However, such spells come with a price and that is the Mage's Mahou Genkai. As you know, Mahou Genkai is a spiritual container inside the Mage's body that holds their Magic. Without it, a Mage would never be able to perform spells. Let alone be a Mage. A Mage's Mahou Genkai decreases on the level and power of the spell with D-Rank consuming the least Mahou Genkai and S-Rank consuming the most.

Dragon Slayer
Quote :

Old Generation Spells: Old Generation is considered more powerful then New generation, however their spells take up much more Magic.

S-Rank: 70% = 65 MG (Mahou Genkai)
A-Rank: 55% = 50 MG
B-Rank: 47% = 41 MG
C-Rank: 35% = 30 MG
D-Rank: 20% = 15 MG

New Generation: New Generation, though not as powerful as Old Generation, does not take up as much magic as Old Generation does to use spells.

S-Rank: 65% = 50 MG
A-Rank: 50% = 40 MG
B-Rank: 42% = 30 MG
C-Rank: 30% = 20 MG
D-Rank: 20% = 10 MG

Celestial Spirit:
Quote :
Silver Keys - The Mage may use up to 4 MG which grants the them one Silver Key each. By using up 10 MG the Mage is allowed to release one Silver Spirit Key. [i.e. 20 MG gives the ability to have 2 Silver Spirits summoned at the same time.]


Gold Keys:By removing 3 Silver Keys from their list, a Celestial Mage may have one Gold Key in place of the removed Silvers. Every 15 MG allows a Gold Key spirit to be released [i.e. 30 MG allows a Celestial Mage to summon two Gold Spirits at the same time.]

Quote :
For Ex-quip/Requip, every 6 MG grants one weapon. A Holder Mage may use up to 13 MG to use Ex-quip/Requip armor or something of their liking. The number of armor used cannot be greater than the number of weapons.

Ice Alchemy:
Quote :
Static Ice Make: Creates effective weapons and takes less time to create and less MG, however it is not as strong in terms of power compared to Dynamic.

S-Rank = 50% = 50 MG
A-Rank = 40% = 40 MG
B-Rank = 30% = 30 MG
C-Rank = 20% = 20 MG
D-Rank = 10% = 10 MG

Dynamic Ice Make: Creates strong animal shaped attacks or any other moving object, but is not as effective and accurate as Static Ice Making. It also takes up more Magic.

S-Rank = 65% = 55 MS
A-Rank = 55% = 45 MS
B-Rank = 45% = 35 MS
C-Rank = 35% = 25 MS
D-Rank = 25% = 15 MS

Transform Magic:
Quote :
The amount of posts a transformation can be held is equivalent to how many points a Transform Mage has in MG. For Take-Over Magic, every 5 MG grants a Mage the ability to use Take-Over with one limb. 10 Points in Magic Technique allows the user to perform a full-body Take-Over.

S-Rank: +25 for all stats, spells and magic
A-Rank: +20
B-Rank: +15
C-Rank: +10
D-Rank: +5
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Volume V. Magic Usage
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